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XPath Injection guide
Credits: Brother Downfall
Extract Value
I’ll be using this site as an example.
Version (ExtractValue)
This will return our XPATH Syntax error, and give us our version.
This is what my link looks like.
You should get your version.
Getting The Tables (Extract Value)
My link looks like this.
So lets load it up and see if we get our first table name!
Woot it worked! Now we just increment in our limit statement until we find our table we want columns from.
We want users or admin..
Woot, now let’s get the columns.
Getting The Columns (ExtractValue)
First off, we want to convert our table name to hex.
My table name was tbladmin.
Whenever you convert something to hex, you add 0x in front of it.
It tells the site to read the hex value.
The hex of tbladmin is 74626c61646d696e
So it should look like this.
Now to get our columns, we change our syntax a bit, but it’s still generally the same idea.
Of course, replace TABLE_HEX with the hex value of your table name.
My link looks like this.
Now use increment in your limit statement until you find the columns you want.
Getting Data Out of Columns (ExtractValue)
Now that you’ve got your column names, you’re going to want to put them in a concat statement.
My columns I wanted were username and password, the 0x7e is the hex value of “~” which I’ll use as a seperator.
My link looks like this.
And as you can see, we get our XPath error with the admin login.
Getting The Version (UpdateXML)
My link looks like this..
We get our XPATH Error that returns the version.
Getting The Tables (UpdateXML)
My link looks like this..
Now we know our first table is called pdigclicks. Let’s see what else is in here….
For the sake of time, I know the table name I want is tbladmin.
And there’s our table.
Now let’s get the columns from the table.
Getting Columns (UpdateXML)
Now it’s the same idea, we just change the tables to columns, from the table name.
Now my table name was tbladmin, so I convert that to hex and get 74626c61646d696e
My link looks like this.
Getting Data (UpdateXML)
Now once you’ve got your columns, concatenate them and get the from the table you want.
My link looks like this..
Let me know if you need help.
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