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A MacBook is the closest a personal computer gets to perfection. While Windows-based computers are notorious for being laggy and slow, MacBooks are the epitome of performance. 
However, even a MacBook isn’t immune to underperformance and can slow down or start freezing up over time. In this article, we will explore the common reasons your Mac keeps freezing and the recommended solutions.
In this article, we will address the following issues:
There are many possible reasons for consistent PC performance issues, but most of them are caused by an overloaded memory, not using the latest macOS or other software, or using poorly developed apps from outside the App Store.
Let’s take a deep dive into those causes. Once you know them, it will be easier for you to resolve them using the steps included in this guide. Additionally, you may want to check out this article if your Mac keeps freezing frequently.
Issue: If you just bought your MacBook a few months ago and it has already started slowing down or freezing, there is a chance you are on an outdated version of macOS. You can easily check if this is indeed the issue by following these simple steps:
If these fixes aren’t enough to do the trick, you may need an SMC reset. Follow these simple steps:
Although these fixes will work for you most of the time, there can be the odd occasion when you don’t even have the chance to try any because your Mac doesn’t respond to any keystrokes or mouse movements whatsoever.
Depending upon which Mac are you using, try these as a last resort to unfreeze it:
After it shuts down completely, power on the system, as usual, to see if the issue persists. If so, you will need to get it rectified by authorized personnel .
Although it is rare for a Mac to freeze or underperform, you need to be prepared with common troubleshooting steps to fix it on your own rather than taking it to the customer service center for the smallest of issues.
In this article, we covered the common causes of a freezing Mac, such as insufficient memory, overloaded startup items, and outdated software, as well as the steps to fix these issues. Hope you liked it and will keep the steps handy to be applied when the need arises.
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