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Wireless security is specifically created to keep unauthorized users from accessing your Wireless Network and stealing sensitive information. The type of Wireless security that an individual uses is identified by its wireless protocol.
Today, numerous homes and
companies operate and rely on Wireless Networking. Wi-Fi is incredibly
efficient in keeping users connected to the internet on a 24-hour basis every
day of the week. The aforementioned benefit, coupled with the fact that it
comes without a clutter of cables makes Wireless Networking even more
There is another side to it,
however, since Wi-Fi signals can be broadcast beyond the walls of a home or a
company. This means that Wi-Fi is vulnerable to hackers; increasing easy access
by people in neighboring houses or even individuals in a nearby parking lot.
This is where the importance of ensuring strong wireless security comes
You may be wondering what the
danger, if at all any, of other individuals accessing your Wi-Fi is. Well,
there are a number of dangers to a vulnerable Wireless Network. For instance,
hackers will be able to access personal information, steal your identity, and
use it against you. There have been cases where individuals have ended up in
jail for a crime they did not commit via the internet.
When other people can access
your Wi-Fi, chances are your monthly bill will skyrocket. Additionally, other
people using your Wi-Fi connection without your permission will slow down
internet access speed considerably. In today’s digital era, where the Internet
happens to be a place that harbors unscrupulous individuals, Wi-Fi security
cannot be understated.
It’s not difficult to secure your Wi-Fi at all. In this article, we will guide you on how to secure Wi-Fi network effectively, and safeguard yourself and every other user in your home or business from hacking. you can learn more about how to hack wifi passwords . The first step is to consider the type of security your Wi-Fi is.
The first step on how to secure Wi-Fi networks from unauthorized users is by checking the type of security your Wi-Fi uses .
Notably, there are at least four
Wireless protocols, which include:
Before we can take an in-depth
look into the above mentioned wireless protocols, it is essential that
you learn to identify the type of Wireless security that you use.
Remember that your wireless network type will either be WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA3.
Below are the steps on how to check the type of wireless security that
you use:
However, an easier way to check
for encryption is by using an app known as NetSpot, which is considered the
best in the industry. After you’ve identified the type of security your Wi-Fi
is, you need to ensure that it is using an effective wireless protocol.
Wireless protocols
are designed to protect wireless networks used within homes and other types of
buildings from hackers and unauthorized users. As previously mentioned, there
are four wireless security protocols, each varying in strength and
ability. Wireless protocols also encrypt private data as it is being
broadcast over the airwaves. This, in turn, protects your private data from
hackers and inadvertently protects you.
Below is an in-depth look at the
type of wireless protocols that everyone should know about:
With the above information in
mind, it would be best to ensure that your Wireless protocol is either WPA 2 or
WPA 3. If it isn’t, you can easily change your Wi-Fi protocol to WPA 2. Never
use WEP to encrypt your wireless network since its very weak and non-efficient
at best.
Now, with all the above in mind,
below are the top WiFi Security Tips.
You can also learn here the complete Wireless Penetration Testing checklist
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