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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms have received incredible attention as the platform for security teams.
Whether you’re evaluating an EDR for the first time or looking to replace your EDR, as an information security professional, you need to be aware of the gaps prior already to implementation so you can best prepare how to close the gaps.
It’s important to understand that each company is unique, and an EDR that a large company uses might not necessarily be the technology that works best when you are leading a small security team, even if you’re within the same industry vertical.
Understanding your threat detection technology requirements based on your unique company characteristics will help you choose the right one.
The eBook and webinar “The Dark Side of EDR. Are You Prepared?” helps you in that requirement definition process. It points out the dark side(s) of EDR and provides guidance as to how to overcome them according to your company’s unique environment.
The guide takes an in-depth look at these seven considerations during evaluation:
As opposed to most resources that present the value of EDR, this guide focuses on the practical aspects of an EDR evaluation, not just the glorification of the platform. This is a particularly useful approach to small security teams. The good news is that there are new trending approaches, technologies, and methods to overcome these dark sides.
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