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In its July cover story, Wired magazine takes an in-depth look at a years-long string of cyberattacks in Ukraine that could have global implications. It has undermined every sector including the media, military, politics and even people’s homes.
Andy Greenberg, who reported the story, and Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss the findings and what the implications could be for the United States.
The Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power grid were extensive. In 2015, electricity was cut to nearly a quarter-million Ukrainians, and about a year later a transmission station was taken down, revealing the attacks were becoming more sophisticated.
“There’s a disturbing progression happening,” Greenberg said.
The reason, according to Greenberg, was Russia’s desire to destabilize Ukraine. What he finds even more worrisome, though, is that the Russians seem to be using Ukraine as a place to test-run their methods.
“The really disturbing thing is that they’re also using Ukraine as a testing ground for attacks that they’re honing to possibly use against Western Europe or the United States in the future,” Greenberg said.
Thompson said they saw the hacks happening and decided to send Greenberg on a reporting trip to Ukraine, knowing it would likely be a scary story. But what he found was even worse.
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