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Here are a few important updates to share with you for the month of September.
October 2020 Security Awareness NewsletterCybercrime goes well beyond data breaches and the exposure of confidential information. It can also lead to life-threatening scenarios or total disruption of services that millions of people rely upon every day.
In this issue, we dive into the many threats cybercrime poses, the results of successful attacks, and, most importantly, how to prevent cybercrime from impacting organizations and individuals. The newsletter is available in 18 languages.
PHI in Peril PuzzleFour employees of the Better-U Clinic have violated HIPAA regulations. Find out who violated what rule, what their job title is, and which patients’ Personal Health Information (PHI) was affected.
Use this logic puzzle to challenge your users! Puzzles are shown to improve brain elasticity and helps us form new ways of doing things. In this instance, solving problems before they occur. This puzzle can be found under SAC’s security documents content category. 
These two video modules focus on privacy, security, and protecting confidential information. 
Three new video modules from exploqii were released in September.
In the month of August, 177 new translations were added for the following training content categories:
In your fight against phishing and social engineering you can now deploy the best-in-class simulated phishing platform combined with the world’s largest library of security awareness training content; including 1000+ interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.
You can now get access to our new ModStore Preview Portal to see our full library of security awareness content; you can browse, search by title, category, language or content topics.
The ModStore Preview includes:
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