Oracle Issues Emergency Patch for Remote Code Execution Vulnerability best cvv shop reddit, debit card dumps free

IT giant Oracle, on 1st November 2020, issued a Security Alert Advisory, CVE-2020-14750, regarding a remote code execution vulnerability on Oracle WebLogic Server. Oracle WebLogic Server is a Java EE application server. The latest version being WebLogic Server 14c(14.1.1) released on March 30, 2020.
The Security Alert offers recommendations to the vulnerability which pertains to CVE-2020-14882, addressed in October 2020, Critical Patch Update, which was remotely exploitable without any authentication. Oracle strongly recommends the users to apply the updates at the earliest.
The affected product is the Oracle WebLogic Server wherein the following versions are affected:,,,,
You may take a look at the risk matrix provided by Oracle which helps to understand the versions supported.
The patches proposed in the Oracle Security alert is applicable for all the product versions which is covered under the Premier Support or Extended Support phase of the Lifetime Support Policy.
The Product releases that are not under Premier Support or Extended Support are not tested for the presence of vulnerabilities addressed by this Security Alert. However, it is likely that earlier versions of affected releases are also affected by these vulnerabilities. 
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) also published an alert on 2nd November 2020 bringing the attention of users to this patch.
A quick search on Spyse, a cybersecurity search engine, reveals that there are approximately 3000+ Oracle WebLogic Servers accessible over the public internet and are vulnerable to CVE-2020-14882.
The attackers have definitely resorted to tricks instead of treats, this scary Halloween!!
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