North Korean Hackers Inserted Malicious Code to Online Stores friendhostingnet, carderprofitcc

A new report indicates that the web skimming attacks on popular US and European online stores linked with North Korean state-sponsored hackers.
Sansec research shows that APT Lazarus/HIDDEN COBRA hacking group break into the websites of large US retailers and planting payment skimmers as early as May 2019.
The new research shows that the hacking group has now extended the attack base targeting online stores by inserting a skimming script that steals customer payment card data.
“Sansec researchers have attributed the activity to HIDDEN COBRA because infrastructure from previous operations was reused.”
The Magecart is an attack method that allows malicious hackers to steal customer payment card information. HIDDEN COBRA managed to gain access to large retailer shops.
“Sansec research has identified multiple, independent links between recent skimming activity and previously documented North Korean hacking operations.”
The following diagram details the modus operandi
Researchers observed multiple campaigns that attack popular stores, aiming to steal the customer payment information, here you can find the detailed report .
Sansec believes that North Korean state-sponsored actors have engaged in large scale digital skimming activity since at least May 2019.
Here you can find a detailed about the Magecart Attack – Incident Investigation and The Key Takeaways .
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