Meet Rich Owen, Honoree of the 2021 (ISC)² Harold F. Tipton Lifetime Achievement Award  paypal dumps, buy fullz cvv

Richard “Rich” W. Owen, Jr., CISSP has over 50 years of experience in the field of information protection. He is a past International President of the Information Systems Security Association, Distinguished Fellow, member of the Honor Roll and a member of the Information Security Hall of Fame. He is also a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute and the CEO of  Johnny Security Seed, LLC . 
Rich worked alongside  Harold “Hal” F. Tipton  on several endeavors, including the creation of (ISC)² and the first CISSP exam as one of the early pioneers of the information security industry. Rich created numerous quality security programs and advised others on developing and improving their programs. He built the information security program for Mission Operations at Johnson Space Center, NASA, from the ground up. This was one of the first programs to define security as protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability. He also pioneered the early use of risk-based decisions to protect information, for which he was recognized by the NASA Administrator. In his retirement, at Johnny Security Seed, his mission is to motivate and grow the security professionals of the future. Register now to hear Rich’s session “The Evolution of Information Security Management” at Security Congress.
What does receiving the Harold F. Tipton Lifetime Achievement Award mean to you?
I am beyond being honored to be presented with this award. Hal was a member of the contractor team that provided security for the Mission Control Center when I was creating the Computer Security Program for Mission Operations at Johnson Space Center. He was the ISSA International President when I became a member. Later as a member of the board and further as International President, I was able to help ISSA provide support for the creation of (ISC)². I helped Hal create the Common Body of Knowledge, write questions for the first CISSP exam and took the first test. Basically, I believe Hal would have agreed with me getting this award. 
What prompted your initial interest in cybersecurity? 
The summer after I graduated high school was the first time that I saw a computer and/or wrote a program (FORTRAN IV). When I went to college there was no degree in Computer Science. Meanwhile, I was #8 in the first draft lottery, so I enlisted in the Army Security Agency. After learning security from the dark site (ASA and NSA), I found myself on the team that designed and installed the first Local Area Network in the Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center where I was invited to apply for an opening as a project manager in Mission Operations. At that time, viruses were just starting, and I told my boss that we needed to address that issue. He agreed but said that he did not know if he wanted that function in his department. I remember the first computer security conference that I went to was when virus #5, Michael Angelo, came out. It was also about the time of the Orange Book and the Computer Security Act of 1986. I was given the job to secure Mission Operations, and I learned by doing. 
What do you think the biggest challenge is for cybersecurity right now? 
The biggest issue is that executives and owners do not see information/data as the critical asset that it is. Many see the need to secure said information/data as an extra duty as assigned. Until they see information as a critical asset like money, people, or property we will continue to fight the losing battle of compliance to a set of standards vs. protection of the asset.
What ambitions do you have for your future endeavors? 
Now that I am retired, I have created Johnny Security Seed, LLC. The mission of this company is to take an active role in improving security education and awareness. Mainly, I give free presentations to schools and civic groups and I have created the Cyber Security Sam series of books. These books are a collection of stories about a high school student who ends up working with the FBI to solve cybercrime. The purpose of these books are to educate and motivate young people to enter this profession.
The (ISC)² Global Achievement Awards celebrate individuals whose excellence, leadership and volunteer efforts have significantly advanced the cybersecurity industry and contributed to our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. All honorees will be recognized during (ISC)² Security Congress . 
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