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In maintaining the Vancouver Security SIG links page , I realized that I hadn’t created a category for mailing lists and similar sources of information.  So, here goes with a few to start.
The RISKS Forum Digest, moderated by Peter G. Neumann, is the pre-eminent security-related mailing list on the Internet, and probably the oldest as well.  This site, courtesy of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, maintains a complete archive , and provides directions on how to subscribe at the RISKS Info Page .
The material is also summarized, by Neumann, in the Illustrative Risks site .  This provides coded, on-line descriptions of the stories that have appeared in the digest.
Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram newsletter is like most of his writing.  It’s readable, and it’s always worth reading, even if you don’t agree with him.  You can also look up his blog and books.
Unfortunately, you can’t get the DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report as a mail feed any more, you have to go to the Website to get the actual report.  (It seems you can get a sort of reminder by email.)  However, at the moment it is the best compilation source for news stories of security related items.
SafeCanada is similar to the DHS daily report, and it does send you daily email reports, albeit without much detail.
InfoSec News is a general list.  This site archives back to 1998.
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