Hyatt’s Bug Bounty Program Update Q&A with Senior Analyst Robert Lowery noabuseru, bulletproof-webru

Hyatt’s three-year-old bug bounty program reaches a significant milestone today: $500,000 in bounties paid to hackers. As the first organization in the hospitality industry to embrace hacker-powered security, Hyatt’s milestone today demonstrates its long-term commitment to setting the highest standard for cybersecurity. We sat down with Robert Lowery, Senior Analyst at Hyatt, to learn more about the history of Hyatt’s bug bounty program and their most recent $500,000 milestone. Read on to see what Robert shared on how the knowledge of the global security researcher community helps Hyatt reduce risk, enable security improvements, and ultimately, deliver on their promise to care for employees, guests, and shareholders alike so they can be their best.
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