Hackers Steal Sensitive Information Records of Over 1 Million Nissan Customers dumps cvv fullz bank logins, bealls outlet cc

Nissan recently fell victim to a data breach where hackers stole sensitive information from their customers including credit score, addresses, and VINs.
The automobile manufacturing giant, Nissan, recently confirmed that its Canadian branch has suffered a data breach. While the exact details are yet to be released, Nissan has confirmed that the data breach might affect all its past and current Canadian clients, which is an estimated total of 1.12 million.
It is believed that the hackers gained access to Canadian Nissan customer information, which includes highly sensitive information such as car loan and repayment plan, name, credit score, address, vehicle model, and vehicle identification number (VIN).
However, the car manufacturer maintained that their customer payment card information was not infiltrated. The company is still in the process of investigating the breach to find out exactly what data was affected, how hackers gained access, and what the implications for their customers might be.
The president of Nissan Canada Finance, Alain Bally released a statement which apologized to their customers for the breach and the inconvenience that it may cause in the future. Ballu added that the company will be focussing on supporting their customer at this time and also updating their current security measures.
In addition, Nissan will be providing all affected customers with a free TransUnion credit monitoring service for a period of 12 months. The offer will also be made available to Nissan customers who were not affected by the breach. This is likely in an attempt to cover themselves, as Nissan is yet to determine exactly how many of its customers were affected by the security breach.
Nissan detected the security breach on December 11, and only moved to notify its customers nine days after the security breach’s discovery.
Appearing on CBC News, the Toronto-based entrepreneur, Evan Kosiner, noted that the fact that Nissan kept the breach quiet for so long was a cause for alarm. Kosiner added that Nissan did not handle the security breach well and that all Nissan customers should be concerned about their security and the company.
According to Nissan, there is currently no evidence that suggests that any customers outside of Canada were impacted by the security breach. The company added that they will be partnering with local law enforcement to resolve the security breach.
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