Google Photos Sent Private Videos to Strangers to Download it briansclubat, zukkoshopcc

Google admits that Google Photos were accidentally sent some of the user’s videos to strangers due to a “technical issue” between November 21st and November 25th.
Google Alerting users via Email notification that they have faced a technical issue in “Download your Data” service for Google Photos.
Download Your Data service that lets You export your backup data from the Google products you use, like your email, calendar, and photos. 
A technical privacy issue had been in the tool has led to exposing the stored videos in Google Photos to strangers who don’t own those videos.
In results, some of your videos might be visible to a random person who can even download the videos from the backup.
This Privacy issue affected the small number of Google Photo’s Users doesn’t provide any details on how many people were affected, nor the number of individual videos that were distributed to strangers.
According to Google ” less than 0.01% of Photos users attempting Takeouts were affected, and no other product was affected.”
According to Jon Oberheide , CTO Duo Security “To be clear, this is a big screw-up. I hope the number of affected parties is small, but the impact to those parties could be high…and very unsettling. But my real beef is with this nonchalant and non-specific notification email. Hopefully, Google follows up with more comms.”
Google said that it was fixed this software bug and the technical issue has been identified and resolved.
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This is serious. The internet is never safe, has never been safe.
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