Google Finds an Alarming Thousands of Phishing Sites Everyday in 2020 feshop-acccc, n1shopsu

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Google discovered a record number of phishing sites in 2020, according to researchers at AtlasVPN. The researchers cite Google’s Transparency Report, which says the search giant detected 2.11 million phishing domains last year. That’s 25% more than the 1.69 million phishing sites discovered in 2019. On average, Google flagged more than 40,000 phishing sites each week in 2020. The researchers note that the number of malicious sites has been steadily increasing for the past five years.
“Moving back to 2010, Google detected an average of 317 dangerous sites per day,” AtlasVPN writes. “Last year, the number jumped to 5789 websites per day, representing a 1726% surge in a decade. Looking at the last decade year-by-year, the volume of phishing portals grew by 43% on average. In short, cybercriminals have been ramping up their efforts for the better part of the decade.”
AtlasVPN offers the following advice for users to avoid falling victim to these scams:
It’s worth noting that phishing templates are growing more sophisticated, so you shouldn’t assume you’ll be able easily to spot a phishing site once you’re on one. New-school security awareness training can help you and your employees recognize social engineering tactics and avoid falling for phishing attacks.
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