Fix External Hard Drive Read-only on Mac 2020 zales cc, dumps cvv sites

People use external hard drives as extended storage for computers or backup disks for important files , as a result, frequent file sharing, and modification are needed. If external hard drive suddenly shows read-only after you attach it to your Mac device, it is definitely very inconvenient to use this external hard drive. 
In this tutorial, I will explain three scenarios you may face and their corresponding solutions. Let’s get to it.
Scenario 1: The external hard drive is formatted with the NTFS file system.
macOS is fully compatible with Microsoft FAT and exFAT file systems but not the Microsoft NTFS file system. By default, an NTFS-formatted disk can be mounted and read on macOS, but files will appear locked or read-only. You can’t rename, delete or edit the files at all. 
To solve the incompatibility problem, you can choose to format the NTFS drive, install an NTFS for Mac driver or use Terminal .
Method 1: Format the external hard drive in Disk Utility 
Method 1: Change Read-only permission to Read & Write permission.
Method 2: Ignore ownership on this disk 
When you can’t write to the external hard drive attached to a Mac, file system incompatibility, limited access permission, and are the main causes. To turn the external hard drive to be writeable, this tutorial has covered the most feasible solutions. Among them, using Terminal is the last option one should go for as it’s unstable and may cause data loss .
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