Facebook Limits WhatsApp Feature for not Accepting Privacy Policy carding fullz, buy bins cc

May 15, 2021, is the deadline to accept the new updated Privacy policy of WhatsApp; as in January, the company informed all its users that it would modify its privacy policy.
During the announcement, they hinted that all the users have to accept the updated policies of WhatsApp by February 8. But at that time unexpected controversies were created due to the modifications that WhatsApp going to introduce.
That’s why in the meantime they preferred to delay the moment to illuminate the situation and publish their updated privacy policy. 
But, now they have finally announced the date that is, 15th May, and also notified all the users about this date and the new updated privacy policy . Not only that even they have also notified all the users that May 15 is the deadline to accept the updated privacy policy.
WhatsApp has been part of Facebook since 2014, and that’s why here WhatsApp is straightly managed by Facebook. 
Since then, Facebook and WhatsApp share information between themselves to improve their services and gather usage statistics, but the variety and amount of data that is distributed between Facebook and WhatsApp are not the same in the case of all the users.
The company announced that after the 15th of May, whoever will not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Facebook will steadily impose limitations on their account.
It means they will be able to use the platform, but with limited features, and WhatsApp will impose all the limitations firmly. But, they will keep notifying the users, and after a period of several weeks, they will make the notice persistent.
The imposed limitations of WhatsApp will be encountered until you accept the new updated privacy policy of WhatsApp. 
Here are the types of limitations that will be imposed by WhatsApp are mentioned below:-
But, as an exception, WhatsApp also affirmed that users will be still able to export their chats and also download a report of their respective accounts.
Moreover, they have clearly notified each user that according to WhatsApp’s existing policy, they will not delete your account if you don’t accept the update.
Apart from this, WhatsApp has also confirmed that according to their existing policy related to inactive users will be applied. In short, after 120 days due to inactivity WhatsApp will automatically delete your account.
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