Data Leakage Protection in Europe ssn cvv, bloomingdales cc

Greetings, dear colleagues.
It is my first blog in this forum, so I thought why not start with a question: do you think that DLP solutions will catch on in Europe, with its more stringent employee and data protection laws than N.America? In the interest of “full disclosure”, I do not own equity in any firm producing any such software and this is not a product push.
I was thinking that, surely, companies in Europe must face similar dangers (IPR loss, malicious employee behaviour, competitive pressures, etc), so will similar solutions be applied in Europe / the EU? It is my opinion that, in aggregate, employers have much more monitoring powers of their employee’s activities in N.America than in Europe. But then, if we look at compliance, employers have a longer list of things to comply with in Europe than over the pond.
So, will trying to intercept unlawful transmission of company trade secrets, client / personal information, competitive data, social security numbers, credit card numbers, passport details, have the same incarnation and success over here as over there?
I’d like to hear from any of you who have thought about or implemented such solution, either internally in their own company or as a consultant or provider.
Look forward to your controversial and original opinions and predictions for how DLP will evolve.
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