BloodyStealer Malware Steals Passwords, Bank Cards From Gamers buy fullz, trusted cvv shop 2021

It has been identified recently that the BloodyStealer is being traded on the dark web market. It is a Trojan that is generally used to steal accounts from accounts of successful gaming platforms, which include:-
The BloodyStealer Trojan has a trick to avoid detection, and it fetches less than $10 on the darknet for a monthly subscription and $40 for an unlimited subscription.
However, there are many threats that are being faced by gamers, that are connected with loss of personal data, and particularly, accounts along with several gaming services.
Here are the types of data stolen by the BloodyStealer from the browsers:-
BloodyStealer is one of the new and still new on the market when the experts analyzed other existent malware tools . Apart from this, they have also investigated the telemetry data, and they came to know some detections of BloodyStealer in the following regions:-
And here the most important point is that this Trojan has mainly affected the home users.
This new Trojan has a full list of features, that makes it unique and strong, and here we have mentioned them below:-
The BloodyStealer transfer all exfiltrated data to a C&C server , so, that the threat actors can easily access the data by utilizing Telegram or through a web panel. 
Some other threat actors monetize the collected data that is being sold to them by the actual threat actors those who have collected it. Whenever a threat actor gets logged in to the C&C web panel, they will eventually notice a basic dashboard along with victim-related statistics.
Not only this but both the C&C servers are located behind Cloudflare, which generally hides their actual IPs and implements a layer of assurance against DDoS and web attacks.
Here the attackers collect a significant number of game-related logs, login credentials, and some other data, encouraging a well-developed supply, and demand chain for all the stolen credentials on the dark web.
Therefore, the security experts have specially analyzed all the active offers on twelve global darknet forums and marketplaces that use English or Russian languages.
In BloodyStealer, wholesale products are the most popular and logs are among one of them. However, it is possible to obtain logs per unit or one can purchase in bulk and simply process them with the help of concentrated services.
However, the average price per log is 34¢; the price per 100 logs is $17.83, for wholesale products. In the case of retail products, all these products were being offered at just 60-70% of their original price.
There are some criminals who can possess thousands of accounts and offer access to these at an immense discount. But it also has some useless accounts that cost nothing, and others have already been collected by their original owners.
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