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Previously traditional stock market mobile apps take a commission on every single trade session that was made. But now, after the appeal made by millennials and younger age groups, the situation is starting to change. 
Now the developers have designed such apps that are commission-free. This feature is helpful and great for younger groups especially. It is now devoid of the fact, paying hundreds of dollars every year as a commission. Because of the maintenance fees and other charges, people were not investing much, but now, the availability of commission-free apps makes the best stock apps for iPhone and common traders are also getting so many benefits from these apps.
This article is designed to give you a guide in picking the best stock app for 2020 and which should be picked? To proceed with the article first we will discuss the free stock market app.
The only difference between the free stock market app and traditional stock application is of charging a fee for every single trading session made by the user on the trading platform. Previously, by using traditional stock applications, it was a must to pay commission but now because of the different economic situations; free stock trading apps are designed. 
As younger people and millennials can’t invest as much money because of the critical situation of the economy, new best stock trading apps are marketed by the developers for iPhone and Android too. These apps lower the risk and thus streamline the investment procedure.
Here is the list of some key aspects of these commission-free stock apps on which they can be rated.
Choosing the best stock trading app for the iPhone depends on how often you want to trade, how much you can invest at the start, and for how long you will be committed to this platform. 
Here is the list which will present the best stock trading apps. These are listed after having so much research on them and testing. This list will help you to find the best trading tool according to your needs. 
The above discussion can be summarized in a way that, nowadays, expert traders focus on commission-free stock trading apps as compared to traditional apps that use commission. These free trading apps provide unique services along with advanced features and are more suitable for young age groups too.
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