AT&T breach ShinyHunters selling AT&T database with 70 million SSN legit cc shops, free cvv sites

ShinyHunters , the notorious hacker is claiming to have access to the AT&T database containing personal and sensitive records of more than 70 million customers.
For your information, AT&T Inc. is the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the U.S. and also the world’s largest telecommunications company.
In a post published on the infamous hacker forum and marketplace Raid Forums, ShinyHunters is offering the database for starting price of $200,000. has seen the sample records shared by ShinyHunters on the forum and a quick review of it reveals that these records include the following customers’ details:
Although AT&T is yet to comment on the breach if the data is legitimate it will be a disaster for the company and its customers.
The database can be bought off by government-backed hacking groups, spy agencies, ransomware gangs, or scammers while customers can end up being sitting ducks and exposed to online and physical threats – The possibilities are endless for threat actors.
It is worth noting that as of 2019 , AT&T had a subscriber base of approximately 77 million post-paid and 18 million prepaid customers in the United States.
The news came just days after a hacker was selling T-Mobile customers’ records on the same forum. The data breach was also confirmed by T-Mobile however so far, we have failed to establish any connection between T-Mobile and AT&T’s alleged breach. has contacted AT&T therefore expect an update. Stay tuned!
In a statement to, AT&T has denied being breached. 
“Based on our investigation today, the information that appeared in an internet chat room does not appear to have come from our systems,” AT&T maintains.
Shiney Hunters is known for top data breaches since 2020. Some of their targeted companies include the following:
Mashable – 5.22GB worth of data
123RF – 8.3M accounts leaked
WedMeGood – 41.5 GB worth of data
Big Basket – 20 million accounts leaked
WattPad  – 271 million accounts leaked
Dunzo  – 11GB worth of data leaked  – 7 million accounts leaked
Bhinneka  – 1 million+ accounts leaked
Minted  – 5 million accounts leaked
ProctorU  – 444,267 accounts leaked
Tokopedia  – 91 million accounts leaked
Couchsurfing  – 17 million accounts leaked
Animal Jam – Tens of millions of users’ data, especially children.
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