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Name: Rachel Phillips, PMP, Assoc. (ISC)² (ISC)² Exam(s) Passed: CISSPTitle: Cybersecurity AnalystLocation: Seattle, WA, U.S.A.Education: M.S. Information Technology (Security and Assurance) and B.S. Business Administration (New Media and Internet), Kaplan UniversityYears in IT: 10Years in Cybersecurity: 3Cybersecurity Certifications: Associate of (ISC)²
Rachel Phillips, PMP, Assoc. (ISC)² is an influencer and sought-after contributor for her views and leadership in technology and security. She holds a Master’s in IT with emphasis in Information Security and Assurance, and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Kaplan University. As a cybersecurity analyst, she provides oversight and assurance of meeting industry standards and best practices to secure the IT environment.
How did you decide upon a career in cybersecurity?
A mentor wisely advised me to consider cybersecurity several years back while I was deciding on an area of focus for my master degree. Security is not only a fast-growing industry with great employment prospects, but aligns well with my aptitudes and interests. 
Why did you decide to pursue certification through the Associate of (ISC)²?
The CISSP certification is considered the “gold standard” so was my first choice, and (ISC)² provides the Associate designation while working towards endorsement for CISSP. 
In cybersecurity, no two days are the same – what is your main role in your organization?
As a cybersecurity analyst, I am responsible for execution of the enterprise security program including initiatives, operations, security testing and security event response.  
Tell us about a project that you were particularly proud of:
I’m proud of many accomplishments while working in security, but the ones that stand out most are SOC audits. It’s challenging to take an organization through a successful SOC 2 Type I and then SOC 2 Type II audit. It demonstrates the maturing of a security program. Being part of that, to lead those engagements, was very rewarding. 
What impact has the Associate of (ISC)² had on your career?
The Associate of (ISC)² designation shows a commitment to a career in cybersecurity and provides credibility to colleagues, clients, and the like. 
What advice would you give to those who are thinking about pursuing cybersecurity as a career?
In my article for ITSPmag, titled ‘ My Quantum Leap into Cybersecurity ,’ I advise those wondering if they have what it takes to pursue a career in cybersecurity to “apply anyway” – they just might be surprised. I love working in security, and only wish I made the move earlier! Certifications have helped me fast-track my career and I highly recommend them, but don’t let it stop you either. I pursued the Associate (ISC)² while I work towards CISSP endorsement to show my commitment to excellence in the field.
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