900 websites found leaking films Maharashtra cyber police Pois0nRU, ZunoStoresu

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Credits: IndianExpress
A pilot project started by the Maharashtra cyber police has identified 900 websites that engage in piracy. Once the project takes off later this year, the police will begin taking criminal action against the websites. The cyber department of the Maharashtra Police started an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) laboratory in August in co-operation with the Motion Pictures Association of America, an influential industry body. At the end of the three-month pilot, the police will begin filing FIRs against erring websites.
At present, the lab is manned by 11 personnel who are scouring the Internet for websites leaking films ahead of release and offering illegal downloads. “Once the unit gets manpower and the required software and hardware, it will be fully functional,” said Balsing Rajput, Superintendent of Police (Cyber).
He added the lab has identified 900 websites in the month that it has been in operation. “We will soon initiate legal action against those websites,” he said. The project was announced by Brijesh Singh, Inspector General of Police (Cyber), in March this year.
Uday Singh, Managing Director, MPAA, said the specialised unit would go beyond normal policing. “Normal policing units won’t be able to cope with online piracy. Pirates are getting smarter,” he said. He added the lab is currently gathering actionable intelligence against websites involved in piracy.
According to Singh, earlier efforts at curbing online piracy both by the entertainment industry and law enforcement authorities have not been sufficient. “Earlier efforts have been individualised and fragmented. And there is difference between me sending a notice to a website and the police taking action. It has a huge impact and will send a clear message,” he said.
Singh also said that once fully operational, the IPR unit in Maharashtra would serve as a template to other state police forces in setting up their units. “It is great that there is a unit in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood. But just one state having a unit is not enough. Ideally, we should have something at the centre. Everyone will look at how Maharashtra performs. Other states and stakeholders would also be interested then and come onboard,” he said.
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