2021 Phishing Trends Face Alarming Predictions and Will Likely Include Automated Attacks shop online no cvv, fullz vendor

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Researchers at INKY warn that targeted phishing attacks will continue throughout 2021, as some employees return to the office and others continue working from home. They predict that spear phishing attacks will begin to grow more automated, allowing more attackers to launch these attacks.
The researchers expect to see the following five trends for the rest of the year:
The researchers conclude that organizations shouldn’t grow complacent as employees begin returning to the office.
“Much like health officials are urging us not to let our guard down for the pandemic this year, it’s also clear that we must be diligent in our efforts to protect our businesses from the cybercriminals’ phishing scams,” INKY says. “Nothing could be sadder than to see your organization through a pandemic, only to have it brought down by a sophisticated phishing event.”
New-school security awareness training with simulated phishing tests can familiarize your employees with these types of attacks so they can thwart them in the real world.
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