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Private conversations are the most sensitive digital data and Secure Messaging Apps playing a major role in privacy.
We all know that we have secret communications that we desire to keep private! Whether it’s an awkward conversation, office news, or opening up regarding your emotions.
So, all these messages we want to keep hidden because it’s our conversation that we do not want to share.
Thus I guess it would be the last thing that you want is for someone to perceive your messages or have them used to help you in any situation.
Hence, these private messages will be all out in open until we use a secure messaging apps.
Nowadays, user data security has generally grown important; thus the secure messaging apps are one of the ways through which users can fully preserve not just there personal data but also themselves.
However, secure messaging is when your assistance provider can’t see the messages that you transfer on their servers. 
Thus it implies that only the people you are interacting with can only receive the message.
So, that nobody can access your messages, neither the government nor the developers.
There are several messaging apps available on the internet, but every app does not provide security as they state. 
And not only that, even the service provider also won’t be able to view your messages, not even corrupt employees, hackers, or state officials.
As we have stated above, these apps simply help you to keep all your messages private.
Basically, secure messaging is a process of securing data that only enables the sender and recipient of the information to decrypt and view messages transferred among them.
However, encryption stops apps from collecting copies of your messages on servers, as we know that security is one of the primary interests of everyone now. 
Therefore, you can easily keep all your messages by getting a secure encrypted messaging app on your smartphone.
Hence, many applications in the market will assist you in interlocking your conversations over an encrypted server, which implies that any third parties won’t be able to see any of your messages.
So, now without wasting much time, let’s get started and simply explore the whole list that we have mentioned below.
At first, we will discuss the private signal messenger; it is broadly considered as the gold standard of securing messaging apps.
It’s not limited as its encryption generator is open-source and convenient for anyone to examine.
Well, it doesn’t make it easier to hack, yet it does imply there are a lot more sets of eyes gazing at the robustness of the encryption techniques. 
Moreover, the industry-leading encryption on suggestion here, the app itself is somewhat clear and basic in phases of visuals and features.
However, it does promote group chats, though, the dispatching of files and photos in expanding your text, so you’re going to be pretty well satisfied no matter what your requirements.
However, in this case, both the party require to have Signal established for the encryption message apps to operate properly.
Hence the Signal doesn’t have complete authority over both edges of the discussion.
Not only this, but you can also likewise use the app on your PC with its new Chrome browser plugin. Hence this app is really great to use and deserves a try.
Telegram is one of the well-respected apps, though its security methods aren’t open source and it is also not observed by third-party protection authorities.
However, other kinds of chat and data transfer are secured. The warnings come from Telegram influences in most areas, with various features like chat backups and passing messages and many more.
Thus you can also store up all the group chats, do video calls and much more. Basically, it’s just as sensitive and automatic as the other messaging apps present out there.
Hence, if you require all the notification of an immediate messenger, like stickers and audio memos, and also basic photo and video editing, then Telegram is a reliable choice.
Just make sure to allow the Secret mode for the most private messaging, that’s it.
Cyphr is one of the other secure messaging apps; it offers a simple encrypted messaging service. Well, all messages are encrypted, hidden as we can say that it is 100% yours.
However, it Creates your public and private key set, so only you can view your messages, exciting group chats with friends, and share information personally. 
So, in this app, you will get full security as it doesn’t sacrifice simplicity or various features for privacy.
However, it doesn’t store data about your messages as it manages its network to deliver the highest level of security to its users.
Whatsapp is one of the most popularly used Secure messaging apps available on the market, with more than 1 billion users.
It’s simple to apply and allows various features such as location and data sharing, gifs, and also desktop assistance as well.
It also utilizes the robust encryption protocol produced for Signal by Open Whisper Systems, which is estimated the industry measure. 
Well, the encryption features that is the Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) simply suggests that even if someone leads to take the key to your secret communication somehow, but, they won’t be able to see the ending message that you have sent. Hence, everything will remain hidden.
Well, Whatsapp is dominated by Facebook, which supports huge security attention.
WhatsApp’s tremendous demand works in its support as well, as the possibilities are that the people in your contacts list now have it installed to stay in touch with friends and family.
All your conversations are fully secured by default, as there’s no method to set this off.
Silence generally concentrates on keeping your messages safe and reliable, with other factors like animated animal stickers, some distance below the preference list.
Well, it trades instantly with SMS and MMS, sooner than chat protocols that work across the web.
Moreover, you could use Silence and Signal at a time. Well, through this app, you will get the benefits of SMS/MMS, like the capability to utilize it outwardly Wi-Fi.
Hence, it has drawbacks like restricted support for group chats and no video calling.
As you’re utilizing SMS/MMS, your phone network can say who you’re texting, even if it can’t express what’s being told thanks to the security applied.
However, to make sure everything is secured as it should be, you have to enter a different passphrase to hold the app secured.
Most importantly, it can stop your conversations continuing screen-shotted at the other end, for more rest of mind.
Viber is one of the cross-platform Secure messaging apps; At first, it was accessible only on the iPhone.
The app is comparable to Skype, as Viber initially surfaced on the Android program in 2012.
The most amazing point about Viber is that it utilizes a color-coded system to determine how guarded a communication is. Hence, different color indicates different things.
Like the Grey, color indicates security communication; the Green implies security communication with an assigned contact, and the red indicates that there is a problem with the secret key.
Thus you can also select to cover any particular chats from your screen and obtain them later.
Aside from obtaining highly secure messaging apps, it also grants you the ability to play games, support public accounts, assign your contacts, media files, set on location, and many more.
Therefore, it has around 800 million users worldwide, and the important part is that it is free to download.
iMessage is especially available for iPhone users, if the users are looking for the most secure messaging apps for iPhone, then the tech giant Apple’s iMessage can be a great choice.
Just like other apps, this app also provides end-to-end security and performs various other ways to protect your texts online.
However, not just iPhone, iMessage is also accessible on iPads and macOS equipment as well.
Thus it implies that it’s well attached to the Apple ecosystem. 
iMessage has an advantageous feature that is the user can attach YouTube videos, Spotify links, videos, photos, and many more in their messages outwardly leaving the app.
iMessage is very famous between iOS users and the only downside of this app is that the app is not accessible for Android. 
As for example,  the information like mobile numbers and contact files is saved in plain text rather than messes.
Thus, the app sometimes disappoints to encrypt your metadata, and any data synced to iCloud. Thus, if anyone hacks into your cloud, then they will have a backdoor entrance to your device.
Threema has over a million downloads. Thus, Threema is one of the most entrusted secure messaging apps available for Android, iOS, Phone.
This app is a complete set, which costs up to US$ 2.99. Hence, it sets all the essential features to hold your file out of government, cybercriminals, and hacker’s hands.
However, the app does not charge for an email ID or phone number during registering. Rather, it presents you with an amazing Threema ID. Thus to text messages, Threema enables end-to-end security for voice calls, group chats, files, and also status messages.
Therefore, messages conveyed from the app are quickly removed from the servers once they are released.
Basically, Threema utilizes the advanced open source Networking and Cryptography library (NaCl) to preserve your conversation.
However, with the Threema app, you can also utilize the app from your desktop as well.
Moreover, you can add something extra to the usual form of messaging features such as security text, voice, video, and picture messaging, the app also covers file sharing minimum 20MB per file, group messaging and a polling system for receiving feedback from friends and contacts.
Wickr Me is a free end-to-end security-messaging app for android and iOS.
This app enables users to send secret, self-destructing messages like text, video, pictures, and many more to other Wickr contacts.
However, this app uses strong security standards, hence, it offers strong encryption and removes the metadata like geotags and message events, so that users can determine how long it needs for messages to self-destruct.
Well, a new video key confirmation system joins an extra layer of security, with users checking each other with short rounds of security video.
Hence, these app’s security is a subject of pride for Wickr, as there’s are more than $100,000 bug-bounty details for anyone who goes in touch with the organization to point out a security bug or flaw.
Silent is a trusted and secure app that has manifested its secure mobile-messaging program.
However, Silent Phone grants security video and voice calls, as well as security, self-destructing messaging, and data transfers.
Silent Phone implements peer-to-peer security calling, strong video, messaging, and data transfers, along with the simple zero-touch deployment for cross-platform.
Moreover, the Silent Phone performs on all devices that carry the application.
Not only this, it has Short authentication chains protection against different attacks. And it’s easy to use, as this app does not require any special training. 
Basically, here we have provided the best list of top 10 secure messaging apps.
These apps are easy to use and protect your personal and private data effortlessly. Well, apart from these apps that are mentioned above in the list, there are many more such apps present in the market, but all these are the best among others.
Hence, you can choose as per your desire for constant snooping and protect yourself from spying hackers by downloading any of these apps and secure all the files that you share with your family and friends.
For your better understanding of these private secure messaging apps, you can always go ahead and check out all the apps that we have mentioned here.
So, if you are really worried about your data and private messages and folders, then it’s essential to use one of the mentioned above, secure messaging apps to secure all your data from hackers.
So, what do you think about this? If you liked this app and if this article has benefited you, then do not forget to share this articles.
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